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Native Wildlife - Reminder
It brings us great joy to see more and native animals returning to the park after the bushfires.
Jul 7, 2023
This year we have seen a small increase in koala numbers within the park, many with small babies attached to their backs.

More birdlife appears to be returning and we often see lyrebirds and other native birds in and around the park grounds.

We love having the opportunity to show visitors our native wildlife, so if you are visiting the park please be mindful and respectful of these animals.

To ensure the safety and longevity of native wildlife, please be reminded that all dogs must always be kept on a leash and not left unattended.

it is often in a dog's nature to chase koalas and other native wildlife.

Above: A Nankeen Night Heron photographed within the park.

Please remember this is their natural habitat and the park can only continue to allow dogs onsite if our park terms and conditions are followed by all guests.

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